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Title Author Supervisor Degree Institute Department Keywords ID
Fatima Batool Khurram Shahzad MS Riphah International University Pharmaceutics Pharmacology, Rauwolfia Agents, Herbal Agents, Piper Nigrum, Antidepressant, Rips ARI-9732
By Fatima Javed, Fiza Batool, Hajra Rauf, Iqra Riaz Butt and Sehrish Imtiaz MA University of Management and Technology UMT. School of Professional Advancement School of Professional Advancement ARI-19993
Fatima Batool MSc Quaid-i-Azam University Department of Statistics, QAU ARI-28675
Fatima Batool MPhil Quaid-i-Azam University Salamander Books ARI-28676
Fatima Batool MPhil Quaid-i-Azam University National Institute of Psychology, QAU. ARI-28677
Fatima Batool Samina Malik MS International Islamic University Deparment of Education Counseling in higher education - Pakistan;Faculty advisors ;Higher education commission ARI-61751
Fatima, Batool PhD Bahauddin Zakariya University Natural Sciences; Chemistry & allied sciences; Physical chemistry; Analytical chemistry ARI-68427
Batool, Fatima PhD Government College University Botany ARI-69512
Batool, Fatima PhD University of the Punjab Molecular Biology; Biology ARI-70095
Batool Fatima University of Karachi Department of Special Education Mentally Retarded ARI-78281
Title Author Supervisor Degree Institute Department Keywords ID
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