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Title Author Supervisor Degree Institute Department Keywords ID
By Mohammad Farhan Bhatti, Rehman Ali Bodla, Arslan Adrees and Muhammad Bilal Amjad BS University of Management and Technology Umt. School of System and Technology. Department of Software Engineering Smart Hospital Coordinator ARI-21155
Mian Mohammad Bilal PGD Quaid-i-Azam University Department of Computer Science, QAU ARI-32867
Mohammad Bilal Chishti Imran Abbas Jadoon MBA COMSATS University Islamabad Department of Management Sciences Determinants Decision Regarding Corporate ARI-46663
Mohammad Bilal Manzoor Khan Afridi MS International Islamic University Department of Politics and International Relations Afghanistan - Politics and government - 2001;Political stability - Afghanistan;Politics and Government;Mujahedeen Government - Afghanistan ARI-59696
Bilal, Mohammad PhD Northern University Social sciences; Education; School and their activities; special education ARI-62957
Title Author Supervisor Degree Institute Department Keywords ID
Religious Studies


Social Sciences & Humanities


Natural Sciences


Engineering & Technology


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