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Title Author Supervisor Degree Institute Department Keywords ID
Muzahir Hussain, Sayed Arif-Ullah Khan MS Riphah International University Pharmacology, Systemic Diseases, Inflammatory Disorders, Petrochemical Screening, Blood Flow, Rips ARI-10934
Shahid Hussain, Sayed University of Engineering and Technology College Taxila Electric Power Transmission, Electric Transformers ARI-14468
Sayed. Adil Hussain MSc Quaid-i-Azam University Clarendon Press/Oxford Univ. Press ARI-38989
Ali Shah, Sayed Tufail Hussain PhD University of Sindh Natural sciences; Chemistry & allied sciences; Chemistry ARI-73115
Hussain, Sayed Waqar PhD University of Peshawar Natural sciences; Earth sciences; Earth sciences of Asia ARI-75206
Sayed Hussain Abdul Moniem Ahmed Mohamed MS Department of Linguistics ARI-86379
Title Author Supervisor Degree Institute Department Keywords ID
Religious Studies


Social Sciences & Humanities


Natural Sciences


Engineering & Technology